Head Start Beliefs

Head Start Beliefs

Cultural and Religious Beliefs:

Cultural and religious beliefs are an important part of family life. Families have the opportunity to identify their beliefs at the time of acceptance. Adaptations are made according to what families identify. There are many items and activities in the classroom reflecting different cultures. We encourage you to share additional items and activities to demonstrate your famil's culture. Please help us in planning a program that meets your needs as a family and as a classroom group.

Head Start's Beliefs:

Every Head Start is unique, while each focuses on family development, our Head Start operates with the following beliefs:

  • Having basic needs met is everyone's basic right.
  • We are responsible for all children; children are our future. Public policy must reflect the best interests
  • We are all unique. We all have of children. Strengths and areas for growth and are entitled to respect, acceptance and compassion.
  • Early childhood education embraces the unique potential of the whole child.
  • We are all interconnected as a community; therefore, our actions impact each other.
  • We create a safe and nurturing environment that sets the stage for individualized learning

Statement of Philosophy:

An effective early childhood education program is accomplished through balanced program activities that are planned for the development of concepts and skills. this is accomplished through a comprehensive, balanced curriculum in which a child is actively involved in his or her own learning. It provides the foundation to build future developmental needs. Intellectual, physical, social and emotional development must be given priority in the program. The family must be involved as part of the total developmental proram. The results will broaden the child's experience, reflect positively in all future learning and will help unigy the child, family, and community.