CMEOC's parenting program consists of activities which supports and enhances the parent's role as the principal influence in their child's education and development.

Download the Head Start Parent Handbook as a pdf.

The program recognizes the parent as the responsible guardian of their child's well being and provides an opportunity for parent participation in the classroom as volunteers and/or observers while working with their own child or children in cooperation with the staff. Each center provides programs and activities for each parent to develop parenting and teaching skills. Advisory boards and committees provide an opportunity for their involvement in the decision making process (program planning and operations). Parents are also involved in basic education classes which are coordinated with adult education.

Parents want what is best for their children, and Head Start believes the parents involvement is the key to a child's success. Here are the things parents need to do to ensure positive growth:

  • Positive teamwork, on a variety of levels, lays the groundwork for quality programming.
  • Knowledge, the application of learning, is empowering and expands personal vision
  • We strengthen families by expanding their knowledge and use of personal and community resources

My Rights As A Head Start Parent

  • To always be treated with respect and dignity
  • To receive a fair and courteous answer to each question
  • To be informed frequently about my childs's progress in Head Start
  • To expect guidance for my child from the Head Start Teacher and staff, that will help my child's total individual growth
  • To be welcomed into the classroom
  • To be informed about community resources concerned with health, education and the improvement of family life
  • To receive information about menus and nutrition activities
  • To help develop adult programs which will improve daily living for me and my family
  • To take part in planning and carrying out programs designed to increase my skill in areas of possible employment
  • To be able to learn about the operation of the program including the budget, and the level of education and experience required to fill various staff positions
  • To be represented at all Policy Council meetings
  • To take part in major policy decisions affecting the planning and operation of the program
  • Some Head Start services may be refused with a signed statement

Father Involvement

Fatherhood Involvement is an initiative that provides activities to increase participation of fathers in the program. Some of the activities are Doughnuts for Dads and Heart for Dads Day. Over 200 fathers/males participate in these special activities.

Family Literacy

The Family Literacy Program's goal is to provide parents with information, resources, and activities that will help the family reach self-sufficiency.

Parents are referred to GED/high school diploma classes, colleges, parenting classes and apply for WIA/One-Stop services. Information and workshops are provided to parents to assist with gaining literacy skills that are needed to work with their children at home. Books are made available through book giveaways, lending libraries and public library to provide access to books.